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    The October Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    There is more to proton shielding than meets the eye
    Comparing the challenges of proton shielding with that of linear accelerators
    Small achievements, remaining challenges in the CT market
    From the October issue of HCB News magazine

    Three experts share views on X-ray tubes in the low-dose era
    Industry experts share their views on x-ray tubes in the current low-dose era
    Proton therapy goes mainstream
    From the October issue of HCB News magazine

    Columns & Sections

    View from the Hill – Congress focuses on imaging

    Congress turns its focus on imaging

    Manufacturers are in the information business now

    Unlikely harmonies are developing as data learns to sing

    The father of emergency medicine, and Lyndon Johnson

    Discover how Dr. James Francis Pantridge saved an ex-President and the future lives of many more

    The past reveals CT's future

    How the ACA altered the trajectory of innovation

    Squeezing costs out of supply chain management

    Insights from Tina Vatanka Murphy, senior vice president, Global Product & Corporate Development at GHX

    Q&A with Dr. Bruce Minsky, ASTRO President

    Learn about what to expect at the next ASTRO annual meeting

    Medical Museum: Medical Chest

    Learn more about a vintage medical chest from an early 19th century pharmacist

    October New Product Showcase

    From the October issue of HCB News magazine