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Frost and Sullivan declare industry's best DR detector
New glassless detector improves resolution and reduces exposure
Swissray International's radiography business acquired by Swissray Customer Care
Rebranding as Swissray, will cover all contracts and servicing
MXR Imaging Inc. acquires Mega Tech Inc.
New Jersey company brings decades of experience in CT, MR equipment sales and maintenance
FDA User Fee legislation advancing without remanufacturing add-ons
The bill moves forward as H.R. 7253 appears to fall behind
626 Holdings acquires Medical Imaging Solutions
Expands workforce with 120 engineers, enlarges footprint
Zebra Technologies completes $875 million acquisition of Matrox Electronic Systems
Zebra develops identification and data capture products to generate business insights
Peak Rock acquires 626 Holdings
Increases Peak Rock's presence in healthcare, while expanding 626's footprint
One in three imaging systems in Canada is over 10 years old
May increase risk of backlogs and scanner breakdowns
Abbott recalls 14,500 OCT catheters due to loose component
Designed for assessing coronary artery disease
The evolution of service agreements: From break/fix to business intelligence
Insights from John Sloss, senior vice president of medical and safety services at Draeger
Are you ready for the 2022 AAMI eXchange?
Q&A with AAMI president Pamela Arora
Training tomorrow's HTM professionals
As the old guard heads toward retirement, initiatives are underway to spread the word to a new generation
Three factors impacting HTM
Market insight from the expert analysts at symplr
‘Clarifying Remanufacturing’ legislation doesn’t really clarify
H.R. 7253 expands the definition of 'remanufacturing' in confusing ways
Getting the facts straight: Clarifying Remanufacturing to Protect Patient Safety Act of 2022
In pursuit of a clearer definition of 'remanufacturing' in medical devices
Probo Medical expands footprint in Canada with Canute Medical buy
Ontario company specializes in MR, CT, X-ray and gamma camera install / deinstall

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