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Hitachi furthers ties with HOYA around endoscopic ultrasound
Hitachi will continue to supply diagnostic ultrasound systems and parts even after Fujifilm acquisition is complete
Hologic enters cart-based ultrasound market with SuperSonic Mach 40
Expansion of Hologic's ultrasound portfolio stemming from recent acquisition of SuperSonic Imaging
Reinventing the ICU for COVID-19
Dr. Diku Mandavia talks with Italian critical care physician Dr. Enrico Storti
Summit Imaging denies hacking accusations by Philips, files counterclaim
Accused of designing software that hacks into Philips ultrasound systems
Tips for protecting ultrasound workers from COVID-19
Physicians at Singapore General Hospital have developed and implemented a guide for clinically updating step-by-step workflow
Siemens moves ultrasound business HQ to Washington State
Supplementing its overseas manufacturing operations at ultrasound headquarters
PA House committee approves bill for coverage of dense breast MR and ultrasound exams
Would require insurers to include coverage in their plans
Fujifilm acquisition of Hitachi diagnostic imaging business delayed by COVID-19
$1.63 billion deal will boost Fujifilm against other imaging OEMs
AI software for cardiac echo could help in COVID-19 fight
Ultromics partners with Mayo Clinic for rapidly assessing heart disease
FDA approves Philips ultrasound solutions in fight against COVID-19
Handheld and portable systems proving useful in evaluating lung and cardiac complications
The pediatric benefits of contrast enhanced ultrasound
Experts discuss the pros and cons of a valuable tool in the pediatric imaging tool kit
Imaging utilization to drop more than 50% over three or four months: report
After COVID-19, radiology may never be the same again
Near-infrared, ultrasound imaging robotically guide vein and artery access
Helps draw blood, inserts catheters, outperforms clinicians in certain tasks
Speeding up cardiac ultrasound and reducing sonographer injuries
The latest innovations in echocardiography
How advances in handheld ultrasound will impact the doctor’s office
Insights from Jyoti Gera, general manager for primary & affordable care at GE Healthcare
New AI software for cardiac ultrasound gets FDA approval
Caption Guidance from Caption Health can 'guide' practitioners through image capture
Leading manufacturers lend support to Chinese hospitals in coronavirus epidemic
Donating scanners, respiratory equipment, monitors
Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) oversight and safety
Fujifilm's Diku Mandavia discusses how providers can partner with accountable vendors to address concerns voiced by the ECRI Institute

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Rethinking OB/GYN ultrasound amid the COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 keeps most patients at home, antenatal care providers have had to change the way they work

What do women really know about breast density?

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