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Wake Forest bolsters diagnostic imaging access in Ecuador with virtual reality
Ecuador lacks subspecialty-trained neuroradiologists
Viz.ai and Hyperfine partner to expedite stroke diagnostics, reduce wait times
Combining AI and portable MR to increase clinician access to imaging
NYU Langone, Fermilab to enhance, speed up quantitative MR with quantum computing
Personalize care based on faster, accurate tissue assessments
Canon to acquire NXC Imaging, expands sales presence in Midwest
Will focus on Upper Midwest providers for imaging distribution
Swissray International's radiography business acquired by Swissray Customer Care
Rebranding as Swissray, will cover all contracts and servicing
Philips' AI-powered MR acceleration software gets FDA clearance
Speeds scanning up three times with 65% improved resolution
Masks and MR safety: researchers examine the risks
Color coding may help distinguish MR safe masks from ones with metal
Siemens smallest, lowest-cost MR scanner gets FDA OK
MAGNETOM Free.Star is 80 inches tall, with .55 Tesla magnet and no quench pipe
Radiologists urge 'prioritization' and 'alternative agents' during contrast shortage
Emphasizes prioritizing cases and using alternative agents to prevent delays
Researchers diagnose Alzheimer's with one MR scan and AI
Could reduce waiting times for diagnosis and enable earlier interventions
Focused ultrasound may spare prostate cancer patients from invasive treatments, side effects
Promising research out of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
MXR Imaging Inc. acquires Mega Tech Inc.
New Jersey company brings decades of experience in CT, MR equipment sales and maintenance
Shield Health Care Group cyberattack impacts over two million patients
Provides MR, PET/CT and ambulatory surgery services at 30 New England locations
New approach reveals brain bleed duration, may ensure better stroke outcomes
Indicates how much time to respond, may help minimize tissue damage
Virtual MR may replace invasive biopsies in heart transplant assessment
Approach may reduce hospitalization and infections
One in three imaging systems in Canada is over 10 years old
May increase risk of backlogs and scanner breakdowns

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