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Rad Oncology

Philips and Elekta partner to improve precision oncology interoperability
Builds on an already existing collaboration between the two companies
Assessing the oncology IT impact of the Siemens-Varian acquisition
Insights from the market analysts at Signify Research
Nationwide cyberattack brings down Irish hospital IT and radiology systems
The attack has led the country to shut down its five radiology centers
St. Jude to invest $11.5 billion in worldwide pediatric care
Will develop new treatments and create new research areas for cancer and other pediatric catastrophic diseases
Prototype in the works for incorporating real-time MR imaging for proton therapy
Will help track moving tumors and guide proton beam to spare healthy tissue
RaySearch to distribute Canon CT and PET/CT solutions in the U.S.
Will offer a combined medical imaging and radiation oncology portfolio
Google Cloud partnering with Varian on radiation oncology platform
Will create AI models for organ segmentation to support cancer treatment
Elekta's patent claims against Zap Surgical dismissed as 'invalid'
Ruled Zap Surgical's radiosurgery platform did not infringe on Elekta's patent for a rotatable treatment system
Proton therapy current events recap
A look back at some of the biggest headlines shaping the road ahead
Siemens raises $2.8 billion to fund acquisition of Varian
Sold 53 million new shares to raise capital
Bringing proton therapy to pediatric patients
Access is improving for the kids who stand to benefit most, but the pandemic has magnified financial challenges
Lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare over refusal to cover proton therapy moves forward
The insurer administered ERISA plans to block coverage because it was too expensive, alleges the suit
The NAPT's annual proton therapy meeting is almost here
Q&A with Dr. Isabelle Choi, Radiation oncologist at New York Proton Center
Demand for proton therapy systems half of what it was five years ago: report
The PT market has slowed down by 3% each year since 2018
FDA gives nod to Akesis Galaxy RTi radiosurgery system
The scanner can be used for automated intrafractional skull tracking and corrections
Varian appoints new CEO ahead of Siemens Healthineers acquisition
Chris Toth will replace Dow Wilson, who is retiring after more than 16 years in the position
New proton technique enables more specific targeting of resistant cancer cells
Malignancies with repair pathway defects are more sensitive to concentrated proton therapy
European Commission gives nod for Siemens to acquire Varian
The deal marks Siemens' direct reentry into the radiotherapy market after 10 years

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