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Just some of the products and services raising the bar for CT scanning
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Deep learning approach in conventional CT yields spectral images
Can provide information on composition of tissues
Xilinx, Spline.AI unveil X-ray classification deep learning model
Can help in developing artificial intelligence applications for radiology
New eyeglass shows fluoroscopic images directly to surgeons during procedures
May help reduce distractions, procedure time and radiation exposure
Lunit AI algorithm detects lung cancer on chest X-rays better than radiologists
Showed higher sensitivity than radiologists in finding malignant pulmonary nodules
Bipartisan bill aims to stop CMS from slashing imaging reimbursement
Some radiologists could face an 11% decrease in payments on January 1
Remnants of COVID-19 virus found in internal CT components
RNA from SARS-CoV-2 turning up in the scanner's inward airflow filter could be a good thing
Faster, safer, better: The latest in CT technology
A look around the industry at what's entering the market
Dual-energy CT adds value to routine interpretations of imaging studies
Reduces downstream imaging and associated costs
Magnetic Insight scores $1.6 million for study of new imaging method, Color MPI
Can distinguish bound and unbound tracers that specifically bind to diseased tissues
Algorithm flags 'uninformative' images that won't support diagnosis, AI training
UDC targets poor-quality scans to prevent them from compromising larger datasets
X-rays at Yale New Haven Health are now apron-free
Does little to protect patients from overexposure, can lead to increased exposure in some cases
AI algorithm distinguishes COVID-19 pneumonia in chest X-ray from other abnormalities
Increases value of X-ray despite low sensitivity and specificity
PET/MR boosts lesion detection, reduces radiation exposure in cancer imaging
May enable fast, efficient local and whole-body staging in one step
Nanox stock value plummets as lawsuits, watchdogs call foul
Accused of falsely promoting technology, fabricating distribution agreements
FDA approves ControlRad's radiation reduction tech for OEC 9900 Mobile C-arms
Reduces radiation exposure without compromising image quality
GE Healthcare ramps up medical imaging production in Wisconsin
Will invest $50 million to increase product development and manufacturing in its West Milwaukee facility
Nanox to deploy 630 'cold cathode' X-ray units in Mexico for pay-per-scan exams
Signs exclusive distribution agreement with SPI Medical for minimum of $119 million over seven years

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