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The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Exclusive: Q & A com Dr. Raymond Geis
The current SIIM chair provides info and updates on the society.
Fitas cor-de-rosa e promessas
Susan B. Komen for the Cure president Liz Thompson talks about how she became involved with the foundation and its future goals.

Relatório especial: Tackling o dilemma denso do peito
With emerging research identifying increased challenges for screening dense breasts, manufacturers are making adjustments.
Relatório especial: Densitometers do osso
With reimbursement cuts back, the sector is reaching a breaking point.
Ultrasound: O stethoscope da imagem latente moderna
Find out what all the noise is about in ultrasound advances.


Death of the "Dumbphone"
Being a technology holdout may be hazardous to your health.
Dr. Molesworths Dilator and Intra Uterine Syringe
This month's item dates circa 1885.
Exclusive: Interview with HCP founder Nelson Hendry
An interview with Nelson Hendry, president and founder of Health Connect Partners
Ending the debate
Komen for the Cure urging focus on key goal
Special report: The promise of tomosynthesis
The technology may be the go-to for breast imaging in just a few years' time.
The Trickledown of Health Care Reform
Interviews, new features and questions about health care reform's impact down the line.