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The November Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

CT trends from four angles
AI applications to legislative challenges, to calls for standardization and problematic trends
What's new in radiography and detectors?
A look around the industry at the latest radiology tools entering the market
Radiologists find their voice in a patient-centric era
As new technology changes imaging, strong communication is key

New diagnostic frontiers for MR imaging
Promising results for imaging new indications, and the new capabilities of 7-Tesla systems


Cost Containment Corner

Five considerations for clinical communications
Choosing the right mobile devices for workflow efficiency

Exclusive Q&A

What can whole-body MR mean for staging cancer more efficiently?
Q&A with Stuart Taylor, researcher and professor of medical imaging at University College London

Exclusive Q&A

Q & A with RSNA president, Dr. Valerie Jackson
A passionate educator discusses radiology's road ahead

Exclusive Q&A

How low-dose CT lung cancer screening saves lives
Insights from Dr. Samir J. Parikh, a diagnostic radiologist who spearheaded a screening clinic in Michigan

Future Of...

The future of AI in radiology
Insights from Kees Wesdorp, business leader for diagnostic imaging at Philips

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Jake Erickson, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital
Emphasizing compassion in an evolving healthcare ecosystem

IT Matters

The FDA is looking at new rules to govern AI
Our conversation with Rik Primo, part 2 of 2
Medical physics and the costs of noncompliance: What’s obvious and what hides beneath?
The overlooked consequences are bigger than immediate penalties
Biomedical Perspectives: Q&A with Jojo Gonzales
For the 2019 GE Healthcare and AAMI BMET of the Year, work culture makes all the difference
Ten factors radiologists should consider when partnering with AI vendors
How do you decide what's best for your facility?
RSNA Product Showcase
Some of the products and services on display at RSNA 2019
The early days of medical X-ray
A look at radiology's first applications in medicine
Making a difference in Africa with ultrasound access
Discussing Imaging the World's mission with its president and co-founder
Handheld ultrasound is changing primary care for the better
One primary physician shares his insights on an emerging tool
Pat Fitzgerald: A legacy of leadership
Get to know the industry veteran taking over as president of Chronos Imaging
Why you should ‘lean in’ to continuous improvement and the tools to do it
How a lean mentality in radiology can improve both outcomes and employee satisfaction
Insights from the AMGA 2019 Compensation and Productivity Survey
Raises for some, unwelcome surprises for others