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The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Relatório especial: Cirurgia sem o scalpel
Therapeutic ultrasound heats up.
Relatório especial: O mundo em mudança de proteger da radiação
There's a need for more creative shielding solutions.
Relatório especial: Por que não os painéis lisos fizeram exame sobre?
Image intensifier market remains surprisingly stable.

Relatório especial: Terapia de radiação na experimentação
Proton beam and other modalities work to prove themselves in practice


Bang for your buck

4 ways to keep X-ray tubes glowing
More bang for your buck: X-ray tubes

Bang for your buck

Three tips to keep your linear accelerator humming
More bang for your buck: radiation therapy

Future Of...

The future of health care with Dr. Barnett Kramer
Dr. Barnett talks about when cancer isn't cancer.

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Lou Saksen
The senior VP, New Parkland Construction, talks about plans for the new facility.

IT Matters

Finding the right archive
Architecture and workflow solutions
The looming hospital giant
Letter from the online editor, September, 2013.
Q&A with Jeff Bordock of Advanced Particle Therapy
Bordock's advice about launching proton therapy centers.
Q&A with ASTRO President Dr. Colleen Lawton
Lawton offers her thoughts on radiation oncology's future and more.
Glass X-ray Plate
This month's medical museum selection dates to 1920.
September's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
CMS' Amyloid PET imaging coverage denial
What's the impact on patient care?
Smokin' hot legislation
Letter from the editor for September, 2013.