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Comparando opções para o radiosurgery stereotactic
Comparing options for stereotactic radiosurgery

Erros - hoje, amanhã e como nós pudemos os bater!
Infection control has some promising new technology in the works
Os fabricantes da cama do hospital puseram o foco sobre o controle da infecção
OEMs are working to reduce pressure ulcers, falls and HAIs with their latest offerings
Saving com sterilizers
Hospitals look to improve savings and efficiency with next-gen technology

Ver está acreditando: o presente e o futuro do endoscopy
Rapid advancements soon to replace time-tested approaches
Híbrido OU: as chamadas em mudança da paisagem para aproximações novas
Technology and techniques get revamped to increase the return on investment


Future Of...

The future of the health care supply chain
GHX's Bruce Johnson shares his thoughts on the obstacles and opportunities

Hospital Spotlight

Hospital Spotlight: Q&A with Peter Makowski
The CEO of American Hospital Dubai in UAE talks about his unique role

New Product Showcase

New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.

Practice Management

Practice Management - Clean is as clean does
Why innovative engineering is needed to reduce transmission of germs

This Month in Medical History

The nation's first black female physician
This Month in Medical History - February 8, 1831
Q&A with Colleen Keith
The SGNA president talks about her history and the goals of the organization
Medical Museum: Sterilized Catgut
This month's selection dates back to 1895
Q&A with Victoria Steelman
The president of AORN talks about the challenges and opportunities facing today's registered nurses