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Unique Content + Wide Circulation + High-End Demographics = Unmatched Results

DOTmed HealthCare Business News is a dynamic and efficient advertising option in the healthcare space. The unique content of our Industry Sector Reports provides our readers with vital information they need and can use every day to make better buying decisions. With a circulation of over 30,000 that reaches the key influencers and decision makers across the healthcare spectrum - plus our competitive ad rates - DOTmed HealthCare Business News is the ideal medium for any product or service designed for the healthcare industry.

Reach the Key Personnel Involved in Major Medical Equipment, Products, and Service Purchases

The business environment inside a hospital is unlike any other. The multiple department heads and de-centralized nature of a hospital create a business structure in which many people are involved in major purchase decisions - and no two hospitals operate in exactly the same way. So that means you - as an advertiser - have a large number of people to reach.

DOTmed HealthCare Business News' unique demographics delivers those all-important people: The C-level executives and administrators, and key department heads. In addition, DOTmed HealthCare Business News reaches over 3,000 top imaging centers and thousands of leading ISOs, OEMs and equipment brokers and dealers, giving you virtually all the major players in the healthcare space.

DOTmed HealthCare Business News is published by - the world's leading, public marketplace for buying, selling and auctioning medical equipment and parts online. has over 310,000 registered users. Included among them are the medical industry's leading equipment sales and service companies. This gives us access to a database no other publication can tap into.

In Every Issue

IT Matters - Take a quick look
DOTmed helps readers stay ahead of the curve with keen analysis from IT experts on what the latest technological developments mean for the industry.

Cost Containment Corner - Take a quick look
One of the great universal themes in healthcare is the need to lower costs without compromising care. Every month we bring in an expert on a particular aspect of the hospital enterprise who shares ideas about how to mitigate damage to the bottom line.

Shows & Conferences Spotlight - Take a quick look
Previews of the most important upcoming industry shows are presented here. Readers are also offered a calendar of events for the months ahead.

Hospital Spotlight - Take a quick look
Every month we select a U.S. hospital and focus on its accomplishments and conduct a Q&A session with the hospital's leadership.

Best of the Daily News - Take a quick look
A tidy recap of the biggest breaking news stories of the month, taken from our online Daily News. This is where you go for the latest current events impacting the industry.

The Future of Health Care - Take a quick look
Each month, we present a key figure in the health care sector and his or her predictions about where certain aspects of the industry are headed - from world-renowned surgeons, to industry innovators, to best-selling authors (sometimes all three), the "Future of" column offer serious food for thought.

If you want to reach the key influencers and decision makers who drive purchasing decisions, HealthCare Business News is your best advertising vehicle.

Digital Distribution

Each month DOTmed emails a digital copy to 32,500 users.

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RSTI, on Advertising

"Our ability to generate business from DOTmed is the best! It has all been terrific."
Jim Monro of Radiological Service Training Institute (RSTI)


Oxford Instruments, on Advertising

Thanks very much to the DOTmed Ad Team -- I appreciate your hard work and attention to our account. I am very pleased with our print and online advertising package, and your continued support.
Thomas Freund of Oxford Instruments



Industry Sector Reports 2019 Editorial Calendar

Advertise in the issues featuring the Industry Service Reports and/or features matching your products and services for maximum results! Download This Calendar Here.

BONUS CIRCULATION EACH MONTH: Based on the content of our Industry Sector Reports, each month we will mail bonus circulation to individuals and companies specifically involved in those areas.*



  • PACS and the enterprise – How are new software solutions making radiologists more efficient and connected to the hospital?
  • AI all around us – No longer a buzz word, we look at some of the ways AI is entering the frontlines of imaging.
  • RIS update – We look at new software on the market and trends driving investment

DEPARTMENTS: 3D Printing; EHR/EMR; RTLS/RFID; Cybersecurity; Blockchain; VR

CURRENT EVENTS: European Radiology Update; Top Stories of 2018; RSNA Top Stories

HIMSS – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase
ECR – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase

Bonus Distribution: HIMSS; ECR



  • Fear factor – Making the hospital experience less frightening for children
  • Proton therapy – How are proton providers ensuring children have access to their care?

DEPARTMENTS: Hospital beds; Pediatric pneumonia; Contrast enhanced ultrasound; Digital Pathology

CURRENT EVENTS: Pediatrics Year in Review; DOTmed 100 NAPT – Leadership Q&A

Bonus Distribution: NAPT; HCP - Spring; Hospital & Healthcare IT/ Radiology & Imaging; IDN Summit – Spring



  • Cath angio / special procedures – Trends and innovations
  • What's new in C-arms and tables?
  • Cardiac ultrasound – Trends and innovations
  • Mobile imaging – How trailers and coaches loaded with imaging technology are bringing care to rural communities

DEPARTMENTS: Cath/angio injectors; Surgical lasers; Focused ultrasound; Intraoperative imaging; Infection control; Emergency Department; Endoscopy

CURRENT EVENTS: Cardiology Year in Review; Business Affairs Year in Review

Bonus Distribution: HCP - Spring; Hospital Supply Chain/Hospital OR & Surgical; SGNA



  • Viewpoints: – HTM professionals and IT come together
  • Best practices for better OEM relations
  • What's new in patient monitors, infusion pumps and testing equipment?

DEPARTMENTS: Reprocessing / sterilizing; Supply chain / transport logistics; AEM

AAMI – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase

Bonus Distribution: AAMI



  • What’s new in PET and SPECT?
  • Theranostics trends and innovations
  • The battle against Alzheimer's wages on
  • Install / Desintall tips and best practices

DEPARTMENTS: Mobile PET scanners; Radiopharmaceutical supply chain; Moly-99 Update; Imaging informatics

CURRENT EVENTS: Molecular Imaging Year in Review
SNMMI – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase
FIME – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase
SIIM – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide

Bonus Distribution: SNMMI; FIME; SIIM



  • What's new in breast imaging?
  • Secondary breast imaging options
  • Breast density update
  • OB/GYN ultrasound

DEPARTMENTS: Tomosynthesis; Bone densitometers; Imaging center management; Mammo frontlines

CURRENT EVENTS: Women’s Health Year in Review AHRA – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase

Bonus Distribution: AHRA; AHRMM



  • Tips for negotiating service contracts
  • X-ray tube industry update
  • In-house, OEM and ISO – Finding the perfect mix

DEPARTMENTS: Ceiling mounted installations; Consolidation update; Lifecycle management

CURRENT EVENTS: Biggest News from AAMI

Bonus Distribution: CEAI; NCBA North Carolina; GBIS; WMIC



  • What’s new in CT?
  • What’s new in radiotherapy and proton therapy?
  • Radiation shielding update
  • Dose optimization / monitoring trends and innovations

DEPARTMENTS: Spectral CT; MR-Linac; CT dose optimization; Accessing the best therapy

CURRENT EVENTS: CT Year in Review; Proton Therapy Year in Review
ASTRO – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase

Bonus Distribution: ASTRO; IDN Summit – Fall; NCBA North Central HCP - Fall; Hospital Supply Chain/Hospital OR & Surgical/Hospital & Healthcare IT/Radiology & Imaging



  • What's new in scanners and coils?
  • Tips for chiller maintenance
  • Coldheads update
  • Environmental safety: Shielding and detectors
  • Tips for coil maintenance

DEPARTMENTS: Remote monitoring; Patient experience; Implant update; Gadolinium update




  • Forces impacting radiologists
  • CT trends and innovations
  • MR trends and innovations
  • What’s new in DR/ fluoroscopy?
  • What’s new in digital detectors?

DEPARTMENTS: Charity spotlight; Disaster preparedness; Teleradiology

CURRENT EVENTS: Artificial Intelligence Year in Review RSNA – Leadership Q&A; Show Preview; Exhibitor Guide; Product Showcase

Bonus Distribution: RSNA; FBS

Download This Calendar Here.


Insertion Order Closing Date: Insertion orders must be received 45 days prior to the month of publication for all issues.

Materials Deadline: Ad materials must be received no later than 35 days prior to the month of publication for all issues.

Cancellations: Ad cancellations are not accepted after the Closing date.

 *Premium Ad Pages are: page one, facing the ToC, special positions and all positions in special promotional sections


An advertorial lets you present a detailed and complete "sell story" about your company and services in an "editoral' format. You provide the content, DOTmed will help you "polish" it, and provide our quality design services free of charge.

List price: 1-Page Advertorial, $5,000. 2-Page Advertorial $8,500.

To see a sample Advertorial, click here

Resource Guide Advertising

All ads are full color and 1/4 page in size.

1x rate is $750.

Any 5 consecutive issues for $3000.

All 10 Issues per year for $5000.

1/4 page Artwork Size: 3 3/8" x 4 7/8".

Includes your ad on's homepage.


Printing: Web Offset
Binding: Saddlewire
Full Page Size: 8.375" x 11" (includes 1/8" bleed)
Bleed size: 8.375" x 11"
Trim size: 8.125" x 10.75"
Safety area: 7.625" x 10.25"

When a full page ad is printed it is printed at the bleed size.
After it is printed it is trimmed to the trim size.
The safety area ensures that any important copy or design elements are not too close the edge of the page.

Final ads must be submitted at the Bleed size of 8.375" x 11"

Click here to download a full page ad template which has bleed, trim, and safety marked on it to use as a guide when creating your ad.

Line Screen: 133
4/C maximum: 260-280%
Essential live matter on full page bleed and fractional bleed ads should be kept at least 1/2" from all trim edges. Bleed ad sizes include a 1/8" bleed on all sides.

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