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The July Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Os Q&A com cadeira de AHRMM, Annette Pummel
The association's leader discusses the changing role of supply chain professionals.
Relatório especial: O ultrasound Therapeutic aquece-se acima
Pending research may open new avenues for the technology.
Relatório especial: Os centros da imagem latente puseram acima uma luta
Managers today don't just order equipment -- they help keep struggling centers standing.

Como escolher um fornecedor de serviço
Use a checklist to help!
Relatório especial: O fim do mammography tradicional?
New debates around mammography screening may shake up the market.
Relatório especial: Densitometry
Reeling from reimbursement cuts, the modality may have a new cash cow.

Relatório especial: Ultrasound
The technology is in the midst of a perfect storm.


Future Of...

The future of proton therapy
Dr. James Slater offers some opinions on where the technology is headed.

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Michael Lim
Saint Louis University Hospital's cardiology director talks shop.

IT Matters

Adverse event with your medical device?
There's an app for that -- MedWatcher could make adverse event reporting easier.
A bumpy ride
Letter from the online editor - July 2013.
More bang for your buck: Densitometry
6 ways to extend the life of your bone densitometer
Q&A with AHRA president Carlos Vasquez
AHRA president offers a sneak-peak at this year's show and a look back at his presidency.
More bang for your buck: Mammography
6 ways to avoid mammography meltdowns
More bang for your buck: Ultrasound
5 ways to transcend transducer troubles
July's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Science fiction . . . or should I say fact?
Letter from the editor for July 2013.