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Relatório especial: Os compradores recondicionados de CT vão para trás aos princípios
A sluggish economy drives more hospitals to use existing CT systems.
Brasil lures fabricantes médicos do equipamento
Brazil’s growing economy makes it attractive to device makers, but the country is off-limits to secondhand dealers.
Saúde árabe 2012: Um peek do sneak atrás da lona
The Arab Health Congress continues to be the must-attend in the Middle East.

Relatório especial: Apesar dos setbacks, flores do mercado de CT
After a lull, interest in CT equipment "revs" back up.
Relatório especial: Os tubos de raio X prendem firmemente
X-ray tubes hold steady as image intensifiers continue to fade away


Money Health

Top 6 most desirable qualities of equipment service providers
Google "MRI" and you will pull up a plethora of service providers, all claiming to be the best. What qualities should you insist on as a consumer?

This Month in Medical History

Dr. Emil Grubbe: The first X-ray martyr
This Month in Medical History looks at the sacrifices of an early X-ray pioneer.
Medical Museum - January
X-ray Tube, Transformer circa 1900.
Letter from the Editor: January 2012
Something Old, Something New