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The October Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Proton therapy providers navigating COVID-19 cautiously
The fight against cancer continues during the pandemic
New technology is advancing radiation oncology
The latest treatment innovations entering the market
Faster, safer, better: The latest in CT technology
A look around the industry at what's entering the market

Important factors to consider before embarking on a radiation shielding project
Good shielding may be out of sight, but it shouldn't be out of mind


Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with incoming ASTRO chair, Dr. Thomas Eichler
Getting ready for radiation oncology’s biggest event of the year

Exclusive Q&A

Behind the scenes on proton therapy construction jobs
Q&A with Joern Meissner, CEO of Meissner Consulting

Future Of...

Online ART and the future of radiotherapy
Insights from Corey Lawson, vice president of product strategy at Accuray

Hospital Spotlight

Caring for growing families in uncertain times
Rochelle Johnson, director of nursing for the Birth Center at Regions Hospital

HTM Perspectives

Smarter spending in the HTM department
Crunching the numbers for cost efficiency in clinical engineering

Imaging Dept Manager

Culture, management and the impact on safety
Best practices for overseeing a radiation oncology department

Supply Chain

The real value proposition of GPOs
How much money a GPO can save an organization varies by product and service category
Radiation Oncology Product Showcase
Some of the latest technology entering the cancer treatment market
CT Product Showcase
Just some of the products and services raising the bar for CT scanning
Demystifying carbon ion therapy
Dr. Hug with the MedAustron Ion Therapy Center discusses what the treatment is all about
Radiation safety training as risk management
Effective safety training requires not only mastery of the content but mastery of instruction