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The future of service in a digital world
Insights from Rob Reilly, vice president and general manager, U.S. and Canada service at GE Healthcare
My report from NCBA
The Jacobus Report
Q&A with Jason Green, partner and chief sales officer of Health Connect Partners
Creating better supply chain relationships, one reverse expo at a time
Discussing battery issues with biomedical technicians
Insights from Isidor Buchmann, founder and CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc.
Insights on implementing digital breast tomosynthesis from someone who knows
As a radiologist launching her third DBT program at a breast imaging facility, Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley is uniquely poised to discuss its benefits
Q&A with Kristin Scott, director of member services & corporate culture at Capstone Health Alliance
Creating a work environment where people feel appreciated isn't just good for morale, it's good for business too

Industry News

How important is protecting the patient health information (PHI) to your vendors?

Outsourcing services comes with risks that must be addressed

Canon, Toshiba each hit with $2.5 million fine over acquisition deal

Deal violated premerger notification and waiting period requirements

NYC proton facility opens for business

$300 million dollar, 140,000 square-foot facility was ten years in the making

New algorithm better predictor of readmission following discharge, says study

Final model drew predictions from 382 variables

US suppliers to join the Mo-99 market, high-energy materials gaining traction

Radiopharmaceutical supply chain update

EQ2 showcases advancements and new products at AAMI Exchange

Added data analytics, supply chain management and tracking capabilities

Breast MR for cancer survivors may result in unnecessary biopsies

No difference in sensitivity compared to mammography alone

Understanding 'data cleaning' in equipment service, and the tools used to do it

Acquiring data is only the beginning, insights from AAMI

Navigating the molecular imaging market

Purchasing insights from the experts at MD Buyline

GE likely to hold onto NY digital X-ray detector manufacturing plant — for now

New York State facility employs 125 workers

Ohio radiology services president indicted in Medicare scam

Charged for services never provided and received nearly $2 million

Informatics, standardization and the next phase for enterprise imaging

Life after silos is coming into focus

GE adds multi-vendor parts and new functions to online Service Shop

Showcased at AAMI Exchange

Bill aiming to reduce prior authorization delays for cancer treatment introduced in Congress

Supporting timely access to care

AI’s role in radiology — past, present, future

What will it take to fully integrate machine learning into healthcare?

One-third of breast cancer patients not aware of minimal scarring surgery

Remote incisions can avert physical and psychological impacts of scarring

Kansas cardiologist and practice pay $5.8 million to settle false billing claims

Will also be excluded from federal health programs for three years

SEC probes Siemens, GE and Philips over business with China

Lawsuit alleges OEMs worked together to fix prices on medical equipment

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems are the rise

Offering better data security, market may exceed $1.3 billion by 2023

Roche and GE Healthcare release NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0

Supports personalized treatment decision-making
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