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Here you'll find insider perspectives from thought leaders in the health care industry on the most important issues and events of the day. For DOTmed HCB News, Voices is a place where candid opinions take the form of interviews, contributed content, and our company president's ongoing Jacobus Report.
Mayor Bill de Blasio offering healthcare for all New Yorkers
The Jacobus Report
Q&A with Medic Vision CEO, Eyal Aharon
Looking back at RSNA and ahead at 2019
Is there life after EOL for medical imaging equipment?
Ken Hable of Technical Prospects discusses why the concept of 'end of life' is a falsehood
How I lost 150 lbs with diet and exercise
The Jacobus Report
Putting the patient at the center of breast care
Insights from Agnes Berzsenyi, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Women’s Health
Remembering Daniel 'Skip' Person
Celebrating the full life and character of an imaging equipment industry veteran
A lesson on customer service from Miele
The Jacobus Report
It's open season: how healthcare companies can boost their membership
Insights from Michael Mathias on the insurance marketplace and the value of emotional connection
My predictions for healthcare in 2019
The Jacobus Report
The impact of mini C-arms on patient and clinician experience
Insights from Michael L. Sganga, a podiatric surgeon with Orthopedics New England
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