GE HealthCare closes MIM Software deal

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | April 03, 2024
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MIMNeuro (Photo courtesy of GE HealthCare)
GE HealthCare has completed its acquisition of MIM Software, integrating its advanced quantitative imaging analytics and workflow software across its portfolio of care divisions.

Founded in 2003, MIM Software is headquartered in Cleveland, and the company has additional offices in China and Belgium. Its vendor-agnostic software is used by imaging centers and hospitals to integrate diagnostic images from multiple different modalities into treatment planning. Its solutions include MIM SurePlan for radiology and nuclear medicine; MIM Symphony for urology; MIM Maestro for radiation oncology; and MIM Encore, also for radiology and nuclear medicine, among other innovations.

“As part of GE HealthCare, we look forward to expanding the development of advanced digital solutions and addressing complex needs today and in the future,” said Andy Nelson, CEO of MIM Software at GE HealthCare, in a statement.
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GE HealthCare will continue to expand MIM Software’s offerings for end-to-end standardization across large healthcare system fleets. The solution automates repetitive tasks, eliminating manual intervention, and adds quantitation and advanced processing to image assessments and workflows for several disciplines:

  • Oncology: With GE HealthCare’s imaging solutions, MIM Software’s innovations will provide more streamlined processing, structured reporting, fast and high-quality contouring, advanced image fusion, dosimetry capabilities, easier IT integration, and remote access. This includes interoperable solutions for simplifying complex treatment planning in radiotherapy, enhancing patient stratification and selection and response prediction, and aiding in the development of alpha therapies for theranostics.

  • Urology: MIM Software’s post-processing and fusion capabilities and GE HealthCare’s ultrasound platforms together will create an integrated suite of prostate fusion solutions. It already includes GE HealthCare’s bkFusion, an MR-ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy solution powered by MIM Software technology. MIM Software will expand these capabilities into precision prostate cancer management by helping radiologists review and report prostate MR scans, and urologists and radiation oncologists plan ablation and brachytherapy treatments.

  • Neurology: The company’s MIMneuro platform will add quantification to dopamine transporter imaging and amyloid imaging for GE HealthCare, along with other features and clinical tools to boost clinician confidence in image interpretation for diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring.

  • Cardiology: MIM Software offers quantitative analysis and advanced reconstruction capabilities for both cardiac PET and SPECT imaging.

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