Westchester Medical Center installs Philips Spectral CT 7500 scanner

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 20, 2021
CT X-Ray
Westchester Medical Center has installed a Philips Spectral CT 7500 scanner
Through a multi-year technology and services partnership with Philips, Westchester Medical Center (WMC Health) in New York has become the first east coast hospital to be home to the company’s new Spectral CT 7500 scanner.

Launched in May, the scanner is designed to collect and use spectral information to produce high-quality images that improve disease characterization and possibly reduce the need for re-scans and follow-ups. It does this at the same dose levels as conventional scanners and is expected to shorten scan time and help clinicians prescribe more personalized treatment plans for patients.

“The physical design of the Spectral CT 7500 affords our clinical specialists more space to perform biopsies, ablations and other procedures, and the design makes for a more comfortable imaging environment for bariatric patients,” said Dr. Zvi Lefkovitz, director of the department of radiology for Westchester Medical Center, in a statement.
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The use of spectral information enables clinicians to not only locate but characterize suspicious findings and avoid rescans and follow-up exams. The Spectral CT 7500 can capture head scans in less than one second and full, upper body and abdominal scans in less than two seconds. This allows for detailed images of beating hearts and reduces the number of scans necessary for very young patients who can find it challenging to sit still. Additionally, it uses less than a fifth of the contrast solution dosage used in conventional CT. This makes it accessible for patients with kidney disease who may not be able to tolerate large volumes of contrast solution.

Because of its ability to enhance images, the Spectral CT 7500 reduces the need for retesting if the contrast solution dissipates before the scan is completed. The solution reduces time for diagnosis by 34%, repeat scans by 25% and follow-up scans by 30%, according to Philips. This also helps offset the need for unnecessary, suboptimal and repeat imaging, which can add up to as much as $12 billion a year. In addition, it optimizes reading with rich spectral results and AI-based smart tools available in any reading environment with Spectral Magic Glass on PACS.

WMC Health is the second hospital in the nation to have the Spectral CT 7500.

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