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Products and preparation help lower sedation in pediatric imaging

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | April 13, 2020
From the April 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

‘Feed and sleep’
Newborn and infant patients undergoing MR exams don't have to contend with the fear factor, but they are often sedated for spontaneous breathing MRs. The University Children's Hospital Basel conducted a case study of selected situations in which the exams can be carried shortly after the patients are fed and immobilized in a stable positioning aid, such as the BabyFix Cocoon from Swiss company Pearl Technology.

Since this method was used, numerous newborns have been examined with "'at least satisfactory image quality' in a natural sleep state," according to the case study.

"Even when moderate sedation using chloral hydrate is still carried out as required, the success rate of the 'feed-and-sleep MR' has been gradually increasing," the case study reads. "The selection of suitable patients, the implementation of clear processes in interdisciplinary teams and the choice of appropriate aids, thus, play a decisive role in the success and the acceptance for patients, parents and clinical professionals."

"More and more of the leading teaching as well as pediatric hospitals in Europe and the U.S. are implementing a feed-and-sleep approach for MRs of newborns to minimize the impact of the procedure on the well-being of the little patient and in order to reduce the potential risk associated to sedation," said Dr. Thomas Müller, founder and general manager of Pearl Technology. "The BabyFix Cocoon is the only immobilization and positioning device that is specifically dedicated to the imaging of newborns from 2 to 5 kilograms. With that being said, all aspects of the product were developed to offer safe conditions for the newborn throughout the MR scan, and to make the successful conduction of MR scans as likely as possible. The unique features of the BabyFix Cocoon enable users to optimize the entire workflow of feed-and-sleep MRs, offer superior stability and comfort and therefore, contribute to improved outcomes."

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