New brands, proven experts lead a new era in the CT tube market

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | August 13, 2018
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From the August 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

From technological innovations to new companies emerging to disrupt the market, it’s been a busy year for the CT tube industry.

In late February, Chronos Imaging acquired Philips’ Dunlee CT tube facility in Aurora, Illinois for an undisclosed amount, breathing new life into the U.S. production of these vital and sophisticated scanner components.

“Given the current market gaps and unmet demand for alternatives to existing CT tube solutions to both OEM and replacement CT tube markets, we considered ourselves very fortunate to capture this opportunity,” Rob Piconi, executive chairman of Chronos Imaging, told HealthCare Business News.
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As part of the deal, the company will produce third-party CT replacement tubes for Philips that will continue to be sold under the Dunlee brand. Philips stated at the time that this will enhance its commitment to its third-party tube replacement business and increase its competitiveness in this segment.

“The unique opportunity to acquire an existing and proven CT manufacturing facility, equipment and associated personnel with a reputation of high-quality production and performance – there was no other opportunity in the world that was available in this market segment,” said Piconi.

The CT tube market has historically been a difficult market to break into. That’s largely due to very high barriers to entry, including the cost of technology development and access to R&D, and experienced manufacturing engineering expertise.

Piconi noted that a very high capital expenditure of $30 million-plus is required to obtain the equipment and facilities and achieve long product cycles to develop and deliver new generation CT tubes.

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