In PET and SPECT, getting more sensitive and working smarter

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In PET and SPECT, getting more sensitive and working smarter

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | June 19, 2018
CT Molecular Imaging PET SPECT X-Ray
From the June 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

“Each modality, SPECT and PET, has many different procedures and they complement each other,” Hermony said of PET and SPECT. “This is clearly something we believe in. We see both modalities growing. We don’t see one at the expense of the other.”

Hermes Medical Solutions
The company received FDA approval for its SUV SPECT software in 2014. The software allows facilities to measure the standardized uptake value (SUV), or the concentration of radioactivity, of a lesion during the reconstruction of the SPECT images.

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This is essential for the new revolution in molecular imaging, dosimetry and theranostics, said Francois Hebert, director of sales for Canada and business development for North America for Hermes Medical Solutions.

“New personalized and precise treatments will, in some cases, replace radiotherapy, being more targeted and accurate in the fight against cancer,” Hebert said.

Hebert said most facilities are doing visual assessments of how cancer is responding to treatment, comparing them visually to a baseline exam.

“If it wasn’t acquired on the same type of scanner, there was no way to compare them,” Hebert said.

SUV SPECT is vendor neutral, allowing facilities with SPECT systems from multiple vendors to use the software platform. Larger OEM manufacturers have similar technology, but only compatible with their own systems.

The company also offers a similar software product in Canada and Europe for nuclear cardiology that can identify issues, such as balanced triple-vessel disease, which may be missed with a visual assessment during a stress test.

Mirada Medical XD Nuclear Medicine
“The only other way to tell that is to send the patient to the cath lab for an invasive procedure,” Hebert said. “Anything that requires a follow up is a good candidate for that technique.”

Mirada Medical
Mirada Medical’s newest diagnostic software product, XD Nuclear Medicine, offers nuclear medicine and radiology departments online workflows that can be customized and integrated into a PACS system.

Currently, nuclear medicine studies have to be processed on dedicated workstations attached to specific nuclear medicine cameras. But with XD Nuclear Medicine, “nuclear medicine studies can be both processed and read via the PACS, reducing the need for dedicated workstations,” said Sarah Bond, vice president of product management for Mirada Medical.

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