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Imaging department managers gear up for an exciting AHRA meeting

por Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | June 26, 2023
Business Affairs

HCB News: What are some of the biggest initiatives that you have championed at the AHRA?
BD: In 2022 the AHRA BOD began identifying and implementing a 5 year strategic plan with a 10 year vision. That plan includes developing a mentorship program that is underway, working collaboratively with other organizations, and better meeting the members' needs where the members are. It has been an exciting year at the AHRA, and I have full confidence that the BOD will continue implementing the identified strategies through to completion.

HCB News: For imaging stakeholders who may not be familiar, why should they consider joining the AHRA?
BD: The AHRA is the organization for imaging leaders. There is no other organization out there like the AHRA. The educational opportunities are great, and the networking opportunities are limitless in the AHRA! The AHRA forum, annual meetings, spring meetings, local area meetings, webinars, and volunteer opportunities will help an imaging leader grow exponentially. Until an imaging leader gets involved with the AHRA, that individual will not truly understand the impact that our organization can have to make the leader stronger, more effective, and energized to become an even better leader! I met an imaging leader on the AHRA forum many years ago since it seems as though we worked in "twin hospitals". Either he was asking a question that I could immediately answer because I had just gone through it, or vice versa. We eventually stopped putting our questions on the forum and just picked up the phone and called each other to get immediate answers. It was uncanny how similar our hospitals are, which led to a friendship. Through the AHRA, our families have met each other, and become friends, as well. The AHRA allows imaging leaders to develop connections with other leaders, and not have to recreate the wheel every time a problem is identified. There is no "competitive" feelings, as we all want each other to "succeed", which makes our patients "succeed". There are thousands of imaging leaders available to assist, and that is an amazing feeling. You are "never alone" when you are an AHRA member, since you have a huge imaging family out there, always willing and ready to help.

HCB News: Can you tell us more about what attendees can expect at the annual AHRA meeting in Indianapolis?
BD: The Annual Meeting in Indy is jam packed full of educational sessions (CE's that are ARRT approved), as well as directed to meet CRA CE requirements. We are celebrating our 50th birthday this year in Indy, so there are many things planned to play homage to our past, appreciate our now, and look forward to our future. There are multiple networking opportunities available all week long, starting with the President's reception on Sunday evening. (You don't want to miss it! There is even a birthday cake. Happy Birthday, AHRA!) The annual meeting will end on Wednesday night with a gala (watch for the red carpet and paparazzi!)

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