Sodexo and Ordr target HTM cybersecurity with combined platform

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 14, 2022
Cyber Security Health IT Risk Management
Ordr and Sodexo have combined their technologies and resources to better protect connected healthcare devices against cyberattacks.
Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management is adding its services and expertise to Ordr’s connected device security platform to mitigate risk and bolster operational efficiency for healthcare providers.

The two are creating a personalized HTM and cybersecurity solution for providers of all sizes that can manage device inventory, and identify and address vulnerabilities swiftly.

With the number of connected devices increasing, so is the complexity in managing and securing them, including locating, patching or determining maintenance needs. Outdated operating systems and FDA and manufacturing guidelines that preclude updates further these challenges, and give away to a higher risk for unprotected devices being breached.
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“With attacks such as ransomware increasing, it is important to be able to prioritize issues that have the highest impact when it comes to mitigating risks," said Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr, in a statement.

The Ordr platform secures traditional servers, workstations, PCs, Internet of Things, Internet of Medical Things and operational technology devices. Its Clinical Defender system automates the identification and inventory of devices, prioritizes their vulnerabilities, and collects utilization insights to improve operations.

Sodexo’s technical staff integrates with local healthcare provider teams to create tailored solutions for optimizing medical equipment inventory, and provides on-site maintenance and repairs. It also advises on equipment replacements and purchases.

Both say they will provide small, meticulous details together for maintaining accurate, up-to-date inventories of all assets, and locating and profiling maintenance and patching needs for every connected device.

They also seek to help providers understand more about the vulnerabilities in their industry, and how to prioritize clinical risks and monitor for threats.

This includes offering tailored recommendations and coming up with policies to improve incident response to stop active attacks, support segmentation and zero trust efforts, and accelerate innovations to improve overall security practices.

"Successfully managing today's expansive healthcare networks requires best-in-class technology that delivers real-time device, utilization and risk insights along with guidance on how to optimize security and performance," said JT Surgener, senior vice president of technical services at Sodexo Healthcare.

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