Medical Equipment Industry News

Risk Management

Cardinal Health recalls 9.1 million Level 3 hospital gowns
Due to issue relating to environmental conditions at manufacturing facility
New animation highlights TechGate Automated Caution Barrier for MR safety

The TechGate Auto - MRI Caution Barrier solution from Aegys provides superior MR room access warning that doesn't require manual deployment by staff.

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) oversight and safety
Fujifilm's Diku Mandavia discusses how providers can partner with accountable vendors to address concerns voiced by the ECRI Institute
What does the new MDS2 form mean for your medical devices?
Latest version emphasizes cybersecurity and interoperability risks
RSNA speaker urges greater support for physicians in distress
Can lead to burnout, job dissatisfaction, questioning trust
Burnout is real: Addressing quality of life in radiology
Sharing tips at RSNA for raising morale and job satisfaction in the imaging suite
Radiologists encouraged to move away from shielding patients at RSNA
In today's imaging department, patient shielding may actually do more harm than good
Addressing legal challenges and precautions for radiologists
Retention concerns and the issue of liability, addressed at RSNA
The success of AI will depend on validated public data sets
Experts at RSNA share insights on ushering in the next wave of algorithms
How to overcome gender and racial bias in the radiology hiring process
Biases can affect decisions in ways that we aren’t even aware of
Addressing the ethical challenges of AI at RSNA
Currently 65 percent of patients are uncomfortable with AI
Medical physics and the costs of noncompliance: What’s obvious and what hides beneath?
The overlooked consequences are bigger than immediate penalties
Philips recalls Forte Gamma Camera system following complaint
Detector could detach from device and cause injury
Makers, regulators fearing impact of sterilization plant closures over ethylene oxide use
Pollution concerns have led to shutdowns that may cause shortages
Anthem pays HHS $16 million over 'largest health data breach in US history'
Promises 'major corrective action' after info exposed on 79 million people
Cybersecurity threats top ECRI's list of health technology hazards for second year
There were 77 healthcare data breaches in first three months of 2018
GE teams with CHI Franciscan Health to implement AI-powered command center
Fifth health system to incorporate this technology
Anatomy of a hospital cybersecurity attack
Tips for detecting, responding to, and preventing attacks at your facility