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por Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | September 05, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

MKS MRI Amplifiers Image Technology
MKS MRI Amplifiers
Image Technology

Image Technology MKS in 2013 became the the only non OEM distributor of MKS MRI Amplifiers and repair. Image MKS stocks amplifiers and tubes for immediate delivery to support our customers at any time. We provide tech support and service to produce a cost effective and timely solution. Customer owned amplifies can be repaired through us. MKS Instruments is an ISO certified manufacturer of RF Amplifiers for OEM MRI systems.
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We repair MRI Coils, RF amplifiers, Gradient Amplifiers and Injectors.

MIT labs, experts in Multi-Vendor component level repair of: MRI Coils, RF amplifiers, Gradient Amplifiers Contrast Media Injectors. System repairs, sub-assembly repairs, component level repairs, refurbish/calibrate. (305) 470-8013


Invivo Sentinelle breast coils Dunlee
Invivo Sentinelle breast coils

Dunlee’s Invivo Sentinelle breast coils feature patented variable coil geometry so that each element can be independently positioned. This allows the coil to conform to individual patient anatomy to optimize signal-to-noise ratio and to reduce motion artifacts. High signal-to-noise ratios enable excellent image quality and support advanced applications such as parallel imaging, spectroscopy, and diffusion-weighted imaging. The ergonomic design features an open aperture that makes it easy to position the breast and provides access for interventions. An assortment of padding delivers support and comfort. The coils are available in both 16-channel and 8-channel configurations.

iFIXâ„¢ patient stabilization system Beekley Medical
iFIX™ patient stabilization system
Beekley Medical

Introducing iFIX™ – a patient stabilization system that conforms to patient anatomy like a second skin. Comprised of both reusable and single-use components, iFIX’s versatile design allows for a variety of uses offering a head-totoe solution for patient stabilization in multiple modalities. The comfortable iFIX Fleece stretches and gently “hugs” the contours of the patient’s body for gentle, yet secure stabilization. The Fleece and other single-use components allow for increased hygiene and lower the risk of cross-contamination over other methods. Ideal for CT • MRI • X-Ray • Fluoroscopy • Ultrasound

Distributed by Beekley Corporation to customers within the United States and its territories.

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