MRI Product Showcase

por Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | September 05, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

100% Free-standing RF Shield Seismic Design IMEDCO America
100% Free-standing
RF Shield Seismic Design
IMEDCO America

We offer 100% free-standing Seismic Design to be compliance with Seismic Design Categories B-F. Package includes Structural calculations and PE Stamp.
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New Fully Configured 80-slice CT in 2 weeks with Software Upgrades for Life

For those who need to move fast and expand clinical capabilities -- and would love new equipment -- the uCT 550 Advance offers a new fully configured 80-slice CT in up to 2 weeks with routine maintenance and parts and Software Upgrades for Life™ included.


Non-Magnetic Products
Non-Magnetic Products has a diverse line of Non-Magnetic products for your MRI environment. Including the First Non Ferromagnetic Wheelchair and Stretcher that will pass Ferromagnetic detection systems. We offer
over 1,300 products including MRI Wheelchairs, MRI Stretchers, MRI Laryngoscopes, MRI Pulse Oximeters, MRI Safety, MRI Stools, MRI Furniture, MRI Anesthesia Equipment, MRI Carts and more. Keep your MR Suite safe with our non-magnetic products.

Air and Water Cooled Chillers General Air Products
Air and Water Cooled Chillers
General Air Products

Medical imaging equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines require a reliable source of cooling at all times. General Air Products offers standard and customized chillers to meet this requirement reliably and efficiently.

Our Process Cooling Experts build systems designed to protect your medical imaging equipment from the high volume demands of the medical environment. We also design our medical imaging air cooled chillers to work with YOUR equipment. Our chillers are directly compatible with major manufacturers such as GE, Elekta, Phillips, Siemens, Varian, & more.

Call us or visit our website to speak with our Process Cooling Experts today!

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