What could we have done differently? PPE supply chain lessons from COVID-19

por Valerie Dimond, Contributing Reporter | June 01, 2020
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From the May 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Eugene Schneller
“CEOs need to articulate the ‘mission-critical’ role of supply chain and reward clinical participation,” continued Schneller. “Make sure your CEO is not the weakest link in the supply chain but influencing hiring and vision. Assure that even if you are in the executive suite, you are not treated as a cost-revenue center.”

Soto describes how his organization seems to be taking that path. “We are very fortunate that our supply chain at Lee Heath has a proven track record of success and established credibility,” he said. “We also have a history of full transparency and collaboration with our stakeholders/clinicians and medical staff in everything that we do. Our senior leadership team has also been extremely supportive of our efforts. Everyone at Lee Health has been extremely cooperative and proactive and most importantly all have worked together as a team to get through this pandemic.”

Schneller also stressed that hospital intermediaries need to incorporate a public health focus into their strategies. “Healthcare delivery systems have not seen this as part of their sustainability focus, but we see — no public health strategy can destroy sustainability.”

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