GE launches Invenia ABUS 2.0 in US

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 16, 2018
Ultrasound Women's Health

In addition to shorter scans, patients can experience greater comfort due to the shape of ABUS 2.0’s Reverse Curver transducer, which is designed to line up with the natural contour of the breast, as well as thorough contact and comprehensive coverage. Positioning of the 15 cm large field-of-view transducer is easy and can maintain even compression while scanning.

Such features are easily accessible, with the device delivering consistent and quality reimbursement among users, according to Delaney.

"GE Healthcare funded a study with Magellan and found that among 20 commercial payers and half a million claims, bilateral complete breast ultrasound was positively reimbursed subject to patient copay and deductible," he said. "Average reimbursement for the complete procedure billed with CPT 76641 was $177, and the out-of-pocket fee was $52. It is also recommended that providers work closely with their payors, and help patients understand their insurance coverage prior to receiving the exam. GE Healthcare offers a third-party reimbursement hotline for providers to address reimbursement inquiries associated with the ABUS exam.”

The solution is FDA cleared.

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