ZRG purchases 80 x Surplus Hill Rom Versa Care Beds from Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

ZRG compra 80 camas em excesso do cuidado da ROM Versa do monte de x do sistema Memorial de Healthcare do vale dos Salinas

por Tony Lively, President, ZRG LLC. | November 18, 2014

DOTmed: What type of product or service did this sale involve?
The purchase of 80 x Hill Rom Versa Care Hospital Beds.

DOTmed: What prompted this purchase?
Private sale being offered by Dotmed.

DOTmed: What, in your view, was the reason your company won the contract?
The specialty niche ZRG has in the marketplace.
1) We offer complete Hospital Liquidations
2 ) Information on what surplus equipment has value
3) Inventory & assessments of medical equipment
4) Coordination of de-installations and removal of equipment.
5) Assurance the job is done to the customers satisfaction.
6) Comprehensive safe and effective disposition of surplus medical equipment.

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