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Good planning — especially during a pandemic — is key in mobile imaging projects
A look at the trends impacting mobile and modular imaging utilization in the U.S.
Omnia Health Live - Supporting the market's demands, now more than ever

Join the brightest minds from the healthcare community, 22-26 June 2020.

MITA asks FDA to speed up review of mobile imaging tools in radiology
A 'key component' for getting emergency imaging where it's needed most
Mobile units speed up and shorten treatment for stroke, says study
Reduces likelihood and severity of disability and death
First mobile digital PET/CT scanner to be deployed in U.S.
Collab between United Imaging Healthcare and Shared Medical Services
Trident to pay civil settlement of $8.5 million in false claims lawsuits
Mobile X-ray provider accused of discounted imaging services for referrals
Mobile imaging market looks back on an energized year
Mobiles and modulars saw an increase in demand in 2018
National Mobile X-ray acquires MMDS Mobile X-ray
Expands reach deeper in southeastern US
Low-dose, mobile CT technology powers the future of lung care
Recounting benefits it has brought to the Levine Cancer Institute
SVSR unveils Siemens Horizon PET/CT trailer
Putting a small and powerful scanner on a coach
Mobile mammo: driving early detection, literally
Why Windsong Radiology decided to make the jump to mobile mammography
The bumpy road to imaging access in rural America
How mobile imaging solutions are bringing care to remote regions
NEMA calls for reform or alternatives to China tariff proposal
Could contribute to unfair playing field among OEMs
Chicago mobile stroke unit expands to partnering EMS areas
Equipped with a 16-slice Siemens' CT scanner
Gary W. Parker
Kentucky Trailer appoints new Chief Operations Officer
Samsung Neurologica introduces its first new mobile CT in over a decade
The 16-slice OmniTom already installed in Boston hospital
How one jail found a mobile solution for imaging prisoners
Bringing scans to inmates instead of inmates to scans
First mobile stroke unit on west coast launched in Santa Monica
Designed to quicken the delivery of medication to prevent brain damage

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