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A faculdade americana dos médicos endossa um ato preliminar do cuidado de 2009

por Lynn Shapiro, Writer | May 27, 2009

"Regrettably too few young people are choosing careers in primary care medicine, and many established primary care physicians have left the field or are considering doing so in the near future," Dr. Stubbs told Rep. Schwartz. "As a result, the United States is facing a shortage of 45,000 or more primary care physicians."

"If new plans are not enacted to address the skyrocketing shortage of primary care providers, by 2025 America could face a catastrophic shortage of 46,000 primary care physicians," Rep. Schwartz emphasized. "This plan takes a wide ranging approach, including establishing scholarship and loan repayment programs; increasing Medicare reimbursements to primary care providers; eliminating copayment for preventive care services in Medicare; and several other initiatives."

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The legislation will also increase the pipeline of primary care physicians and other providers by providing new scholarship and loan repayment programs for primary care service in critical shortage areas and facilities; creating a grant program to educate students about primary care careers; expanding Graduate Medical Education primary care residency positions, reducing barriers to training in office-based primary care; and authorizing higher funding levels for the Title VII health professions programs and the National Health Service Corps (NHSC).

"I was trained through the NHSC and can speak to the positive impact it has had on me and on my rural community," Dr. Stubbs said in conclusion.

"It is critical that comprehensive reforms to halt the crisis in access to primary care be included in any legislation to expand health insurance coverage," Dr. Stubbs said in agreeing with the Congresswoman. "Providing everyone with affordable coverage is essential, but coverage alone doesn't guarantee access if there aren't enough primary care physicians to take care of patients. And without primary care, the costs of covering everyone will be much higher and the outcomes much poorer."

Source: ACP

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