Women in leadership: Three female hospital leaders share what leadership means to them

April 22, 2024
Business Affairs

The future of women in hospital leadership
We are fresh off the heels of annual tentpoles like Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. These moments are important for highlighting what women have added to the tapestry of life, both in and outside of the work environment. While our contributions benefit our local communities, we continue to aim to contribute our efforts to positively impact the world.

In hospital leadership specifically, these are times for us to pause and look back at history, learn from it and look to the future. There are a couple questions we need to ask ourselves as we think critically about the future of gender equality in leadership:

How can we continue this momentum? How can we inspire other young women to help them understand their capacity and influence?

These types of questions can help us identify areas where we can apply needed resources. It also creates an opportunity for other women leaders to reach younger generations and marginalized groups, underscoring health care’s interest in creating a diverse employee community that is representative of the diversity within our communities.

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