Medical device service organizations turn to service intelligence to get ahead and stay ahead

March 31, 2023
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● Assemble a workforce with a diverse mix of soft and hard skills to create better CX
● Invest in relevant tools and training, such as service intelligence
● Shift to proactive service models and centering preemptive actions
● Leverage shared knowledge (i.e. from service data, industry knowledge, and insights from SMEs) to provide fast and accurate solutions

Why service organizations need to narrow the gap ASAP
Narrowing the skills gap among service teams has a direct correlation to reducing equipment downtime, which enhances day-to-day operations for health practitioners, improves device reliability, and ultimately improves patient experiences.

Time’s up for service companies in the medical device space. When it comes to healthcare, the end goal for all stakeholders involved is to ensure the patient receives optimum treatment and a pleasant experience. Customers – across all industries – demand a more immediate response than ever before, and patients deserve it. Successful teams realize that external factors, like rising costs and labor shortages, are out of their control but they’re adjusting their operations and investing in the right technology to address these issues and meet customer demand. Those who respond accordingly will thrive, and those who don’t may jeopardize their business.

About the author: Assaf Melochna’s experience incorporates strong leadership skills built upon a strong technical foundation. He is an expert in service, and has business and technical expertise in enterprise software. Assaf started Aquant with his co-founder Shahar with the vision of helping service companies transform the way they deliver service. Prior to starting Aquant, Assaf spent 10 years at ClickSoftware where he served in various positions in solution consulting and product innovation. Assaf brings a unique approach from his experience as a Major in the intelligence forces (IDF) where he specialized in turning massive data to knowledge, and knowledge to actions.

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