Zebra Technologies completes $875 million acquisition of Matrox Electronic Systems

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 08, 2022
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Zebra Technologies has acquired Matrox Electronic Systems from Matrox Imaging for $875 million.
Zebra Technologies has completed its $875 million acquisition of the Matrox Imaging division, Matrox Electronic Systems.

A developer of machine vision components, software and platforms, Matrox’s solutions capture and assess data from industrial vision systems for factory automation, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging, and semiconductor inspections.

Zebra also develops products for identification and data capture. It will use Matrox Electronic Systems, with its machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions, to accelerate its Enterprise Asset intelligence portfolio for generating business, marketing and customer insights, and be able to add different modalities for data capture and analysis.
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The deal expands its presence in the automation and vision technology space, according to The Robot Report.

“Through the introduction of more advanced, image-based sensing technologies and software-based visual analytics, Zebra can give customers even greater visibility into the status of assets at the operational edge of their businesses to meet their expanding needs in the post-pandemic economy, Donato Montanari, vice president and general manager of machine vision at Zebra Technologies, told HCB News back in March when the deal was first announced.

Matrox’s solutions include vision software; smart cameras; 3D sensors; vision controllers; machine and robot guidance; image and video capture; visual inspection; 3D data capture analysis; and image classification with deep learning.

Zebra will use them to create automated, data-powered workflows for OEM partners, industrial automation distributors and system integrators. A team of machine vision engineers will be transferred there to help in this endeavor and will assist in developing its Center of Excellence for Machine Vision.

The deal was funded through a combination of cash and fully-committed financing under its credit facility.

Zebra also recently acquired Adaptive Vision, a machine learning software company, in 2021, which the current deal complements, according to The Robot Report.

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