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How COVID-19 has impacted the servicing of essential medical equipment

May 17, 2021
Parts And Service

Smaller to mid-size systems or hospitals may find that it is easier and makes more budgetary sense to outsource the challenges associated with service and repair. An experienced partner can speed implementation and deliver results more cost-effectively than building the technology and staffing capabilities in-house. An outside team can also train internal resources to take over certain aspects of service and repair, so you get a much more robust workforce at a fraction of the overhead. Even if you decide to maintain an inhouse team, it’s often beneficial to bring in a consultant to help your organization assess what is needed and to get a better handle on your service and repair needs and assess the life cycle of your equipment.

In our new pandemic-centric world, finding the right service and repair model that works for your organization requires financial, technical and personnel resources. However, investing the time to work through this problem and figuring out how to do it right will positively impact patient care and your bottom line. The sooner you get started, the better.

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About the author: Allan Klotsche was recently appointed CEO of Alpha Source Group (ASG), the most comprehensive next-generation services provider. In his new position, Klotsche is leading a reinvention of ASG and potentially revolutionizing how the maintenance and service repair industry will meet the needs of healthcare providers now and in the future.

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