Three ways telehealth will get better in 2021

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Three ways telehealth will get better in 2021

February 26, 2021
Health IT Telemedicine

1: Telehealth will be more accessible to everyone. Telehealth doesn't have to be video-only. For instance, healthcare providers can make it easier for everyone to stay connected by deploying a text-first communication strategy that enables them to reach all or most of their patients. Healthcare providers will also invest in systems that have built-in language tools to ensure that all patients, no matter their native tongue, can get the right care from the comfort of their homes. Designing a telehealth experience that works for everyone—not just the wealthy—providers can go a long way toward bridging the digital divide.

2: Telehealth will offer patients greater control. Video visits will soon be the bare minimum. Healthcare organizations will have to include value-add services as part of their telehealth offering to stay a step ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace. These services might include online self-scheduling tools that make it easier for patients to book their appointments and interactive text messaging that guides patients to the right type of care with the right provider based on their unique needs.

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3: Telehealth will start to pay for itself. Telehealth will continue to deliver overall cost benefits to both providers and patients. For example, the technology can enable clinics to extend their hours of operation while helping to cut down on cancellations and no-show rates. It can also allow providers to focus on a higher level of care while reducing expensive and unnecessary visits to emergency rooms.

The bottom line is that telehealth is here to stay because its advantages are obvious. It helps providers improve care and cut costs, and it improves access for patients. Indeed, telehealth will radically redefine the way healthcare is delivered—and it will continue to do so for many years to come.

About the author: Adnan Iqbal is co-founder and CEO of Luma Health.

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