Michael Friebe’s 30th private, slightly biased, and as always subjective RSNA report

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Michael Friebe’s 30th private, slightly biased, and as always subjective RSNA report

December 02, 2020
Business Affairs X-Ray

I do not know what the actual attendance was, but the virtual booth space was certainly not crowded looking at the displayed desperate messages of the organisers after entering the online booth … with no or only very few answers from customers. But impressive what you can do, what you can present, and how real certain things feel. For smaller shows or mere product presentations I actually question on whether we really need the „real“ conferences anymore. This does not apply to RSNA though, especially highlighted by the fact that many presentations (industry as well as science) required you to actually spend hours on the computer and even worse - at least from a European perspective - during Central Standard Time. As soon as it was clear that RSNA would not happen in person my calendar for the reserved and blocked Saturday to Wednesday filled up immediately with pretty much no time left to actually dial in to the presentations and with little interest to browse the online science or industry exhibits. RSNA lives - and hopefully will continue to thrive - by the fact that people travel to Chicago and take their time to talk to the representatives, to join the science community, and to simply talk to one another.

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Possibly great new products! I attended several pre-RSNA product presentations organised by the big vendors and prepared for my time zone and actually did not believe that it would be well spend personal time to go through all the VIRTUAL BOOTH setups, that are obviously all different and that all need some initial explanation on how to use or where to find things. I also believe that the summaries that AUNT MINNIE or the vendors present are more complete and possibly less biased then my annual selection — but do not worry, I will do it again next year regardless!

Some big vendors did not even have a virtual booth (United Imaging) or required you to sign up separately again (CANON and GE). One of the highlights of my annual report is my rating of the best booth design. This year it goes to PHILIPS (large company) and KOIOS (small company) that impressed me with ease of use, information content, and their virtual design and presentation. CONGRATS on that one, but please invest in a real one for 2021. But I believe that all vendors should have a virtual booth anyway all year around that allows them to present and highlight their current offering. Maybe a good idea to host a virtual 365 day RSNA conference?

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