U.S. clinicians and radiologists urge use of medical imaging and AI-powered solutions to manage COVID-19 cases and treatment

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U.S. clinicians and radiologists urge use of medical imaging and AI-powered solutions to manage COVID-19 cases and treatment

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 13, 2020 Artificial Intelligence CT X-Ray

"The use of CT and X-ray in the assessment and treatment plan for President Trump underscores the critical role that medical imaging must play in the fight against COVID-19," said Moshe Becker, CEO and Co-Founder of RADLogics. "We must scale the capabilities of these medical imaging procedures rapidly to support clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems throughout the U.S. as they respond to the anticipated second wave of Coronavirus and the roll-out of a potential vaccine. Now is the time for hospitals and healthcare providers to embrace and leverage the power of AI technologies and solutions to not only alleviate the increased burden associated with COVID-19, but to help support better outcomes by reducing burnout and errors while delivering better patient outcomes."

"The ability of medical imaging – in combination with AI – to discover and quantify the burden of COVID-19 has been well documented. There would be tremendous clinical value in an AI algorithm that could establish and utilize a trajectory of change to predict which subset of patients might need more intense therapy such as mechanical ventilation, which subset of patients could be more confidently discharged, and predict subsequent clinical course," added Dr. Siegel. "Today, there are many promising AI applications that have emerged that could allow us to address the major challenges that have hit the healthcare sector during the pandemic, and beyond as we plan to treat patients with COVID-related complications and as we provide diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that were delayed during the surge."

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Designed for easy integration and installation both on-premise and via the cloud – RADLogics' algorithms are supported by the company's patented workflow software platform that enables rapid deployment and scaling at multiple hospitals, and seamless integration with existing workflows. The cloud-based platform has the capacity to process 1 million CT and 10 million X-rays studies per day. All of the company's AI-Powered solutions are available worldwide through major OEM distribution partners including Nuance in the U.S. market.

"Since RADLogics was founded ten years ago, we have been dedicated to augmenting care providers and radiologists that are under increasing pressure to read more data with each study with less resources," said Dr. Patrick Browning, Global CMO for RADLogics. "If there is any positive that can come out of the pandemic is the realization of the potential for AI tools to rapidly scale to meet these challenges. Looking ahead, AI will be critical in unlocking the potential of AI for radiologists and clinicians across the world to address these challenges and to increase throughput, improve efficiency, and enhance time-to-treatment."

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