Philips sues Summit Imaging, alleges software hacked

Philips sues Summit Imaging, alleges software hacked

por Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | November 04, 2019
Business Affairs

In speaking with reporters this week, its CEO, Frans van Houten told reporters, “Tariffs have gone up, definitions have become clearer,” also noting that, “the impact has gone up, while mitigating actions have been delayed.”

The new figures put the company's EBITA margin up just 10 to 20 basis points for 2019, versus an earlier estimate of 100 basis points.

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Also in October, medical video game designer Level Ex announced a collaboration with Philips geared to training interventional cardiologists in the use of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), a catheter-based imaging technology that enables clinicians to visualize blood vessels from the inside out.

“This introduces a whole new realm of trying to analyze tests. IVUS has really been introduced to improve patient outcomes and decision-making for physicians, but not all physicians use it. It’s a newer technology that they need to understand in terms of how to interpret images, how to use the images, what they mean, and how they inform better decisions when they are in front of the patients,” Dr. Eric Gantwerker, medical director of Level Ex, told HCB News at the time. “Its integration here allows them to interact with that type of technology in the sense of learning what the images mean and what decisions have to be based on those images.”

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