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Q&A with Robert Jensen, President and CEO of AAMI

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | May 08, 2018
From the May 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCB News: You had previously talked about a three-year strategy for AAMI. Are you able to share the priority list for the association’s focus going forward?

RJ: Our board approved our strategic plan in November, and we’re executing the first year of that plan as we have this conversation. We have three goals. Our first goal is around community. It’s described as AAMI having a broader community of engaged stakeholders. Within that broad goal, we’re focusing on increasing our global constituency, and I have a couple of people working internally to establish some increased international relationships to see how we can help in some parts of the globe that are influential in health care and make sure that these countries are getting the benefit of what we are providing here today. Another part of this goal is broadening the engagement of the entire health care technology management profession. It’s about helping establish a career pipeline that starts as early as STEM students in high school, all the way up through mid- and end-career folks, to make sure that the value proposition that we talked about earlier becomes clearer in health care delivery organizations.

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The second goal we internally call infrastructure, and it’s about changes we need to make as an association, including optimizing the information technology in our facility to support AAMI initiatives. We will be moving at some point this year to a new building where we’re going to expand our ability to host education and standards meetings and other events fairly dramatically. We’re also improving our work culture to make sure we continue to be a place that people want to contribute and be committed to.

The last goal deals with knowledge. We are working to become the essential resource for high-quality knowledge and learning in health technology. This goal relates to specific definitions of programs for the future that we may or may not have now, or programs that need to be updated or modified, resources that need customizing, as well as the development of new products and services. At the same time, we’re looking to make sure we’re not spending resources on things members don’t want or don’t use.

HCB News: Has there been any medical device or technology introduced or being talked about today that you’re particularly excited about?

RJ: I think the area of genomic testing is going to continue to grow. In cancer, they’ve started making progress with genes involved with breast and ovarian cancer. In terms of medical devices, those that utilize both hardware and drugs are exciting. People will get treatment very specific to themselves, rather than treatment based on the holistic view of the population at large.

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