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Radiographic and fluoroscopic: what's new?

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | November 22, 2016
From the November 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The OTC15-T can shift between tracking and manual modes, giving technologists the flexibility to image however they prefer for an exam, Galles says. “When configured with a DelWorks E-Series DR System and optional Patient Side software, clinical workflow efficiency improves greatly, especially in busier environments,” Galles says. “The OTC15-T provides touchscreen APR control at the tube mount, allowing the technologist to remain closer to the patient for a longer period of time, also improving patient safety.” The patient’s images can then be previewed at either the Del-Works DR console or at the OTC15-T tube mount’s integrated touchscreen display.

“Once the exposure has been taken, the technologist can return to the patient’s side to view, accept or reject images taken, and set the generator parameters or APR for the next image or study to be completed, improving patient care,” Galles says.

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Medical Imaging Innovations
The Florida-based company, which focuses on more budget-friendly imaging systems and upgrades, and is led by Chief Executive Officer Tim Martinson, released two models in the last couple of years: the FluoroSight ONE, a universal R/F system; and the FluoroSight ECO, a flat-panel DR retrofit for a GE classic R/F table.

The FluoroSight ONE is an R/F system that can perform barium and contrast studies at a source-to-image distance (SID) of up to 80 inches, giving the radiologist more room to work, and the patient more space for positioning, says Boris Geyzer, general manager of Medical Imaging Innovations. Radiographic exams of the chest, spine and extremities, along with orthopedic exams, can also be performed. Technologists can perform cross-table lateral X-ray and fluoroscopy without an overhead suspension, with one flat-panel RF detector.

“The FluoroSight ONE gives hospitals the ability to perform their routine fluoroscopic exams in the morning, then do any radiographic work that may need to be done, and keep the room busy throughout the day,” Geyzer says. “The system has the flexibility to be used for some special procedures as well, giving the hospital redundancy and the ability to achieve return on investment of their purchase.” The FluoroSight ECO allows facilities with R/F systems from GE to upgrade their technology in a low-cost way. There’s no need to change the room, so customers have minimal outlay in room renovations.

“In states like California, where new equipment planning has to meet earthquake regulations, fluoroscopy systems can take time to be approved by the state regulators, with additional funds needed to make the room ready for the new equipment, plus the new equipment itself,” Geyzer says. “Just the state approvals can add as much as 20 percent additional to the cost of the system, plus an additional year of waiting for approvals. The FluoroSight ECO, being a retrofit where we don’t change any of the mechanical components, alleviates that issue, and costs considerably less than replacing with a full new system.

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