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Philips and Validic aim to combine fitness data with the EHR

por Lee Nelson, Contributing Reporter | February 10, 2016
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Woman using fitness tracker
By Lee Nelson

Information gathered from someone’s blood pressure cuff, glucose meter and food app can now be assimilated together to help improve their treatment plan, motivation, and overall health. A new collaboration between Philips and Validic will allow better integration of personal health information from third-party devices such as activity trackers into connected health services.

“People get bored with their fitness tracker, and they get maxed out in what they can do with it on their own,” Dr. Carla-Krystin (ck) Andrade, director of product management of Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Paltform, told HCB News. “But what we are trying to do is connect them with their health care provider, and we are trying to foster preventive health care. We are pulling the information into our HealthSuite, combining it with health data and connecting it all to their health care providers.”

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Hopefully, all that effort will allow people to get better guidance, information and motivation to better engage and manage their own health.

“For the consumer, the collaboration is just a simpler way to integrate some health devices. It gives them the power to schedule and track more data from different devices,” she said. “With all the information, it gives patients more context. It’s more than looking good in their new dress. It helps them know what might happen if their blood sugar goes up.”

The important thing is that the people receiving all this information can understand it, Andrade added.

“These days, everyone is tracking everything. Health care organizations are trying to collect more data. Philips is moving those two silos together,” she said.

With Validic’s pioneered technology platform for connectivity, it allows access to health data from clinical and remote-monitoring devices, fitness equipment, wearables, sensors and patient wellness applications. Its platform already reaches 223 million people in 47 countries. This platform will allow Philips to expand its own connected health solutions which include Lifeline medical alert services, Personal Health Programs, eCareCoordinator, and eCareCompanion.

“With a strong presence in both professional health care and consumer health spaces, Phillips understands the global impact of people better managing and engaging with their health,” said Ryan Beckland, CEO and co-founder of Validic, in a statement. “Philips and Validic share a similar vision on connected health and recognize the importance of leveraging digital health data collected outside of the clinical setting to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.”

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