ECR 2015 - my private and subjective report

Over 100 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - CA 04/30

ECR 2015 - my private and subjective report

March 11, 2015

BIG DISPLAYS: Everywhere flashing and moving pictures on large displays (Toshiba, GE) with a particularly nice one next to the SIEMENS reception. That one was already shown at the RSNA, but it looked better at the ECR location. I loved all these great displays!

17:30, 30 minutes after the official end I leave with thousands toward the underground station passing by the grand-looking Austria Center. In my case not returning the following day.

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For most of us the evening events start now — very often in combination with beverages that cause problems the following day …

See you at RSNA 2015 or ECR 2016! … and lets have one of these beverages together!

Have a great year and stop by the MedTec research campus STIMULATE ( and my chair INKA ( in Magdeburg if you are around or need a partner for Minimal-Invasive Image Guided Surgery Development.

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