Museu médico de março: Tubo de raio X (desconhecido do fabricante)

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | March 01, 2015
X-ray Tube
From the March 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Each month, we visit Dr. Blaufox’s Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts to take a look back at the medical equipment that cleared the way for what patients encounter in the doctors’ offices and operating rooms of today. Some equipment may be recognizable, while other featured items have since become obsolete or have had their usefulness discredited.

The picture and description appear courtesy of Dr. M. Donald Blaufox, M.D., Ph.D., from his website:
Category: Radiology
Estimated Date: 1900
Manufacturer: unknown
Description: This very early, primitive tube, came with an electrostatic X-Ray machine. It has no maker’s mark. The tube is 12” long with a 4.5” bulb. It has one side tube and three connectors.

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