GE e Volpara assinam o acordo sobre o software da medida da densidade do peito

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | January 21, 2015
Women's Health
Volpara's VolparaDensity
GE Healthcare and Volpara Solutions announced yesterday that an agreement has been made that will allow GE to distribute VolparaDensity, VolparaAnalytics and VolparaDoseRT. The industry is moving toward more personalized breast cancer screening and this agreement will enable GE to offer a solution for that new approach.

VolparaDensity measures breast density from mammography and tomosynthesis images and helps radiologists determine what patients require additional breast ultrasound screening. Previously, when radiologists had to determine the measurement without the software it would lead to a lot of variability.

"I think the whole goal is to have standardization," Dr. Jessie Jacob, chief medical officer of breast health at GE, told DOTmed News. "The reason for that is because we don't want to have patients succumb to additional testing or follow-up that is unnecessary. We want them to have the most consistent and the highest quality exams possible."

This is the first time GE will offer a breast density measurement solution. "I think breast density is an important thing that is coming into the limelight right now, the reason being because we can personalize breast health more," said Jacob. "We're understanding that now, as more and more research comes out."

In the past, breast cancer screening was one-size-fits-all and every patient received a mammogram, but physicians are realizing that in some cases additional screening with ultrasound or breast MR is required.

VolparaAnalytics is a centralized dashboard that collects data from the mammography and tomosynthesis system and configures reports to allow for cross-comparison of patient populations, X-ray units and operator performance. VolparaDoseRT is an add-on to VolparaDensity, which measures the radiation dose administered to the patient.

Volpara decided to enter into this agreement with GE because it believes GE is "a leading health care company in the world, with a fantastic breast health portfolio by many measures," said Shawl Lobree, vice president of global sales and marketing. "Being part of that portfolio is a huge benefit."

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