Os videos Fetal do ultrasound do keepsake têm o “potencial para o dano”: Perito do FDA

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 16, 2014
Women's Health
The FDA issued a statement today warning against the use of fetal ultrasound imaging and Doppler fetal ultrasound heartbeat monitors to create fetal keepsake videos. The agency stated that they are prescription devices that should only be used by trained health care professionals.

In its statement, it claims that the companies don't control how long an imaging session will last, how many sessions will take place or whether the ultrasound will be functioning properly. Some companies use the ultrasound machine for up to an hour.

Although there is no evidence that ultrasound imaging and heartbeat monitors cause any harm to the mother and baby, it is known that ultrasound can slightly heat tissue and can also produce very tiny bubbles in some tissues. However, the long-term effects of that have yet to be determined.

Shahram Vaezy, an FDA biomedical engineer, claims that there is little or no medical benefit in creating the videos. "Furthermore, the number of sessions or the length of a session in scanning a fetus is uncontrolled, and that increases the potential for harm to the fetus and eventually the mother," he said in a statement.

The agency did acknowledge that fetal imaging is a form of bonding for the parents and baby but mentioned that prenatal care can also allow for that. "Proper use of ultrasound equipment pursuant to a prescription ensures that pregnant women will receive professional care that contributes to their health and to the health of their babies," Vaezy said.

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