Exclusive: Q&A with McKesson Provider Technologies President Dave Souerwine

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Exclusive: Q&A com o presidente Dave Souerwine das tecnologias do fornecedor de McKesson

por Diana Bradley, Staff Writer | March 01, 2012

SOUERWINE: You heard [Ed. note: at the media breakfast] everybody mention accountable care in some form. I do think there is a pretty long debate you could have about: do these hospitals ever end up forming a legal entity? Maybe not. But they are going to have to address the components of accountable care. And today if you read either the meaningful use requirements or the government draft of the accountable care requirements, we believe our capabilities and solutions cover 80 percent of that already, and that percentage will increase going forward.

DMBN: This month McKesson rolled out a new analytics and benchmarking tool for providers, McKesson Performance Analytics Explorer. Where do you see analytics going?

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SOUERWINE: We are starting to get into that phase of how can we use data so that it is predictive. How do you really foresee what the outcomes are going to be? For instance, there is a huge amount of slippage that occurs from prescriptions that are written and it's either patients don't get the first one filled or they take the first one and stop or they don't realize they have to refill it. There's going to be more and more pressure on these systems. Things like re-admission management. These can all be solved through analytics if we could just get the right data back in front of these customers. So that's a huge push of ours and a big interest area.

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