Aldo Mondin, 1951 - 2011

por Jeffrey Fall, President, Oxford Instruments Service, LLC | August 22, 2011
Aldo Mondin
On August 19, 2011 Aldo Mondin passed away at the age of 60 following a long illness.

At all times, Al possessed a can-do, positive attitude he honed during his days in the United States Marine Corps. Al will be remembered by his friends at Platinum Medical Imaging for his infectious nature, his team spirit and his rare knowledge of sales and marketing as it related to the medical imaging industry. Al made important contributions to Platinum Medical Imaging and to all the places he worked in his career.

While we are deeply saddened by his passing, and our hearts are heavy knowing his wife, Debbie, and son, A.J., will have some tough days ahead, we smile when we remember how he signed so many of his notes, simply as "Your Pal, Al."

Jeff Fall is the president of Platinum Medical Imaging.


Norma Baron

Aldo Mondin, 1951 - 2011

August 25, 2011 04:39


Al was a Classmate of mine in High School. I now take care of our High School Reunion website.

While looking for word of Aldo's passing, I came across this today. I basically joined this site to post and thank a note to Jeff Fall (President of Platinum Medical Imaging) for his direct yet comforting words about Al's death.

Mr. Fall captured Al's personality completely and left you smiling at the end. His words would have been just how Al would have handled had he been writing about another colleague and friend. (Had that person had possessed Al's qualities. Al would have found something positive about the person as you did.)

Although, I didn't know Al well, he made a point at our High School 40th Reunion to thank me for the work on the website and how much it meant to him. He did confide to me in the conversation that he was in for tests and how difficult it was physically to make the trip to come home and see his classmates.

I kept up with Al's "progress" through his younger brother, John. It was such a shock for our class and myself to hear of this outcome.

The obituary necessary for occasions such as this would not suffice our class as an answer. But, thanks to Jeffery Fall, I can post Jeff's words that will give the essence of "Our Pal Al!"

Thank you so much Jeff. (You can see what a mess of lengthy words I would have come up with and still not capture what you did in painting Aldo Mondin II.)

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