O DEFIBRILLATOR Implanted encontrou PARA REDUZIR mortes da falha de coração

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | March 17, 2004
The study "Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure" (SCD-HeFT) tested whether an ICD that provides a shock without pacing impulses or an antiarrhythmic drug would help prevent sudden death in heart failure patients. An ICD is put under the skin of the chest and sends an electric signal to correct a potentially fatal arrhythmia. An antiarrhythmic drug works by preventing the occurrence of an irregular heartbeat.

"These findings should have a big impact on the treatment of heart failure patients," said NHLBI Acting Director Dr. Barbara Alving."When these findings are put into practice, they will prolong the lives of many heart failure patients," said Dr. Gust Bardy, SCD-HeFT study director and President of the Seattle Institute for Cardiac Research in WA. "The results give physicians vital information for better managing the care of their heart failure patients."

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DEFIBRILLATOR Found to REDUCE Heart Failure Deaths

Reported by Michael Johns, Staff Reporter