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1) Siemens unveils portable head CT scanner for ICU at RSNA

Performs scans right at patient bedside

2) As industry steps up ventilator production, US military releases stockpiled gear

As many as 5 million single-use respirator masks, 2,000 deployable ventilators, and at least 14 testing labs

3) Critical care resuscitation units offer better outcomes than ICUs for critically ill patients

Lowered risk of death by 36 percent, say researchers


Press Room

Healthcare workers are sick of being shut out of COVID-19 testing
August 06, 2020
Telehealth claim lines increase 5,680 percent nationally from May 2019 to May 2020
August 06, 2020
Center for Diagnostic Imaging restructures leadership team
August 06, 2020
Cerner and Xealth collaboration helps patients be more active participants in healthcare, well-being
August 06, 2020
Surmodics receives FDA 510(k) clearance for Sublime Radial Access 0.014 RX PTA Dilatation Catheter
August 06, 2020
Justice Department sues to block Geisinger Health’s transaction with Evangelical Community Hospital
August 06, 2020
House bill provides economic relief to MedTech start-ups struggling due to COVID
August 06, 2020
MercyOne partners with LucidHealth to expand capabilities in Northeast Iowa
August 06, 2020
Quantitative MR is a game changer for identifying the chronic liver disease patients most at risk of poor clinical outcomes
August 06, 2020
New rapid cardiac MR imaging helps detect and manage patient heart health during and after cancer treatments
August 06, 2020

Emergency Medicine

Emergency visits still down but slowly moving to pre-COVID levels
With utilization down, efficiency improves, as the ED focuses on high-acuity cases
Why practices with RamSoft's cloud-based RIS/PACS don't have to worry about changing times

COVID 19 or not, RamSoft's cloud-based RIS/PACS can help future-proof your healthcare practice. Here's how.

CDC study records drop in ER visits for heart attack, chest pain during pandemic
Suggests greater fear of catching COVID-19 than having a heart attack
Kaiser Permanente data sheds light on COVID-19 hospitalizations
More than 40% of patients admitted to ICU
Chest X-rays in the ER identify COVID-19 severity in adult patients
Could indicate who requires hospitalization and intubation
Remote patient monitoring in the era of COVID-19
Repurposing stroke monitoring tools to fight the coronavirus
New Nightingale Hospital in London gets first patients
Will house up to 4,000 beds with ventilators and oxygen in 80 wards, with as many as 25,000 medical staffers
GE to boost ventilator production amid surge in coronavirus patients
Production will take place 'round-the-clock'
Healthcare providers ask Congress for $100 billion for coronavirus fight
Request comes as scope of crisis becomes clearer and stockpiles of protective gear deplete
As industry steps up ventilator production, US military releases stockpiled gear
As many as 5 million single-use respirator masks, 2,000 deployable ventilators, and at least 14 testing labs
Keeping COVID-19 a non-factor
The emerging value of telehealth and remote patient monitoring for fighting infectious disease
CT and other equipment requests flood in from China amid coronavirus epidemic
Samsung NeuroLogica is set to deploy 10 mobile CT scanners
Are drone-delivered AEDs the future of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival?
Research suggests substantial benefits for improving emergency response
ECRI and FDA step up against coronavirus epidemic
Help clinicians detect virus early, protect staff and patients
US physician demand rose by five percent in 2019, says national study
20 percent YOY increase in telemedicine as a skill

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Patients generate 100 data points per hour

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The mobile medical imaging market is expanding amid hospital budget pressures

A growth period for flexible imaging options